Explore Our Range of Activities


We have an incredible range of activities including STEAM Workshops, Adventure & Team Sports.

Adventure Sports include Kayaking, Surfing, Water Bouldering, Rock Climbing, High Ropes, Zip Line, Archery and Orienteering.

Team Sports include Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Dodge Ball, Hurling, Water Polo, Swimming, Hockey, Tennis, Rounders, Tag Rugby, Handball, Team Challenges among others.

STEAM Workshops: 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design), 3D Modelling & Printing, Music Technology, Coding, Film Production, Flight, Drones, Rockets, Chemistry Experiments, Physics Experiments, Wind Energy, Sound Production, Robotics, Stop Motion Animation, Green Screen Production, Podcasting & Broadcasting, Band Performance, Arts and Crafts and more.

There are a host of other activities and social events such as Karaoke, Movie Awards Night, Dragon’s Den, Table Tennis, Pool, Board Games, Excursions and many others for students to enjoy throughout their stay with us. Please note that activities can vary from centre to centre, and you can check on each of the relevant pages.