CMA offer a comprehensive Airport Transfer service to our overseas students arriving at Dublin (St Patrick’s, Cistercian, Carlingford & Annalong), Airport West (St Patrick’s only), Cork (Cistercian Only), Shannon (Cistercian Only) & Belfast (Cistercian & Annalong Only) Airports which can be booked directly on our website on our booking page. 

Groups – Flexi Transfer System

In 2023 all of our summer camps were sold out with individual bookings and we have increased our capacity in 2024 to accommodate group bookings. We operate a Flexi Transfer system where groups can customise their arrival and departure dates.

Please contact aengus@connemaramathsacademy.com directly to discuss particular requirements for your group. Activity Leaders are welcome to accompany their groups.

Airport Transfer Process

Our vetted teachers and staff members escort students throughout the airport transfer process.

  • Photo of the teachers collecting students are sent to parents prior to arrival so students recognise staff member at arrivals gate.
  • Parents are kept informed throughout the transfer process via email or text. On arrival parents are sent a message when students have been met at arrival gate and students are accompanied to their camp. On departure, teachers accompany students to airport, check them in, walk them to departure gate and wait until plane has departed. We ask parents to ensure under 16 year olds have the necessary documentation from their airline. Each airline has their own policies so please check with them first.
  • We provide all necessary permissions paperwork required on arrival. We ask parents to ensure UMs (Unaccompanied Minors) have Indemnity Forms.
  • Teachers remain with students at all times from the arrival gate to camp and from camp through to the departure gates, completing the check in process. CMA staff will wait at the airport until students are safely airborne and on their way.

N.B. We ask parents to ensure that they have the necessary Unaccompanied Minor Indemnity Forms (usually for children under 16yrs) from their airline completed and signed in order to avoid any delays when returning from Ireland


Our staff members will meet students at the arrivals gate and accompany them to camp. For UM (Unaccompanied Minors) there may be individual arrangements made to meet students at select meeting points depending on the airline. We will liaise with parents and airlines accordingly. Please see note on UMs below.

Our staff members accompany our students at all times during the process. 


Students will be accompanied to the airport, checked in and escorted to the departure gate.

We ask parents to book arrival flights for early afternoons and departing flights for late afternoons/early evenings where possible. Please contact aengus@connemaramathsacademy,com with any questions.


CMA Cistercian:

One Way: €129. Dublin, Cork & Shannon Airports only.

CMA Carlingford Lough:

One Way: €95 per student serving Dublin & Belfast Airports Only.

CMA Annalong:

One Way: €120 per student serving Dublin & Belfast Airports Only.

CMA St Patrick’s:

One Way: €145 per student serving Dublin; €90 for Airport West

For groups (3 and higher), please contact aengus@ConnemaraMathsAcademy.com directly.


We ask parents to check with their Airlines regarding Unaccompanied Minor policies and Indemnity Forms as they can vary from airline to airline. Generally students aged 12 or more can travel unaccompanied on most airlines but there is usually Indemnity Forms to be completed. Please ask airline for these.

We provide paper work regarding teachers permitted to collect students in Ireland. We send paper work to parents to print, sign, scan and return to us a week prior to coming to Ireland. Parents can stay in touch with us through WhatsApp, Text messages, email or by phone to head office during the transfer process. We find that text messages/WhatsApp is the quickest, most immediate and effective method of staying in touch when students are in transit.

CMA Airports