All Ireland Hurling Championship – Who's going to win?

Galway are given an almost 13% chance of claiming the All Ireland this year 2014 and their chances are almost doubled for the Leinster scalp at 23%.
As many people see it, Galway are unbeatable when playing at their best and their best depends on some key players to perform. When the brilliant Tannion plays well, Galway play well and he is an inspiration to the team. This would also highlight a fault with the team and should Tannion have an off day or not be at his best for whatever reason, as with all great players , the team should really be able to get on with it and carry them through.
As a Dubliner, I long to see Dublin win an All Ireland however there’ll be no complaints if Galway can manage to get their act together and win, Tannion at his best or not!
Interestingly, Dublin’s chances of winning the All Ireland (hurling) is pretty much the same as Galway’s at almost 12%.
Clare are obvious joint favourites with an almost 27% chance of taking the title along with Kilkenny.
Whatever happens, this has the makings of another classic championship and if the heat waves keep rolling in over the Island, we’re in for a treat!