Day 7 at Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp

As the mist rolled in over the mountains surrounding beautiful Kylemore Abbey after another packed day, there was a sense of sadness that we would have to say goodbye to such a wonderful group of students. The day began with the rain lifting as we headed off to the dining room for another one of Josie’s great breakfasts. The morning Film…

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"You'll never walk alone"

Bill O’Herlihy and RTE can take solace from the fact that they are not alone. From the OECD (PIAAC) study in 2012, just over 25% of Irish adults score at or below Level 1 for numeracy compared to a 20% average across participating countries. While Bill’s contribution to the debate was hilarious, there is a very serious and expensive underlying…

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RTE's Rote Learning Bill O'Herlihy

The perils of rote learning were on display on RTE yesterday evening. Bill O’Herlihy  demonstrated that he could well do with a week at the Connemara Maths Academy! According to Bill, David Moyes has super powers and lives in a parallel universe where a manager such as Moyes can view players over 8000 times per second. Bill claimed that David…

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