RTE's Rote Learning Bill O'Herlihy

The perils of rote learning were on display on RTE yesterday evening. Bill O’Herlihy  demonstrated that he could well do with a week at the Connemara Maths Academy! According to Bill, David Moyes has super powers and lives in a parallel universe where a manager such as Moyes can view players over 8000 times per second. Bill claimed that David…

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Colour Green – why the Irish can take austerity.

Irish people have been subjected to a whole array of austerity measures, and are taking the pain that few other countries could take. The reason we found ourselves in this situation is as much to do with rote learning in our schools as it has to do with the corrupt and incompetent politicians and businessmen we inherited through our education…

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Skills Shortages – Maths Fluency Essential

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) today (March 13th 2014) has strongly urged governments to encourage students to make careers in  science, technology, engineering and maths to prevent a skills shortage in key industrial sectors, in a report ‘ Engineering our Future’. Visualisation and Creativity at CMA   Katja Hall, CBI Chief Policy Director,  says that growth and jobs will depend…

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