Day 1 Glenstal Abbey Summer Camp July 17th – 24th 2016

Students from Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Ukraine, US, UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK  and Ireland have been coming to our summer camps this summer and we were delighted to welcome more yesterday evening to join our students who have been staying for two and three weeks.
We’ve had a wonderful time already with these great students and the weather has been incredible!
Bridge building, Chuck Challenges, Maths Workshops, Chemistry, film production, football, rounders, lake swimming, basket ball, volleyball and great food has been on the packed menu already!
Have a look at the images and videos from yesterday evening and today to get a flavour of what a great week is in store for our students!
Tomorrow students will be scripting & shooting their movie with Eamonn, looking at maths of the circle and targets and aviation with Mark and Caoimhe, doing some more great Chuck Challenges and the afternoon will feature  a great game of Tag Archery on the fields before going for a welcoming refreshing swim in the lake!
See you all tomorrow night!

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