Day 1 June 19th at Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp 2016

Day 1
Students arrived this evening for the first day of our Summer Camp at Kylemore Abbey and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer bunch!
Josie made a wonderful lasagne for all of us at 8pm in the library and then Paul Passenard from Clifden Boat club guided us through the principles of sailing and how boats work. Students will be designing and building their own sailing raft this week and we hope to launch it in Clifden Boat club on Friday. Our wonderful teacher Chuck then explored balance, centre of gravity and the importance of planning where the apparently impossible becomes possible! Patrychia and Alia were the record holders balancing 27 nails on the head of one nail. Very impressive stuff!
Tomorrow morning we’ll be heading off for the Turf Challenge and then learning all about Archery. Our brilliant maths teachers will later go through how to calculate the probability of scoring various points, discovering the famous ratio Pi and other magical properties of the circle through Archery.
Sailing is also on the agenda with Paul at the Boat Club in Clifden in the afternoon.
Its going to be a wonderful day!
Stay Tuned!
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