Day 1 Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp 2014

Connemara Maths Academy students woke up to the stunning vista of Kylemore Abbey under a blue sky and endless sunshine as temperatures rose into the 20s. What a start to the summer camp! This photo was taken from the office porch as students were getting ready for breakfast.
Students started their first day with the Killary Turf Challenge which was hugely enjoyable, wet and very muddy.
After a jump off the pier into the refreshing Atlantic it was back to Kylemore Abbey for a quick lunch and straight into Coordinate Geometry and Number Theory and students had a glimpse of how geometry has great potential in the composition of music, what music really means and how they might go about creating some of their own. Students will get to see quadratics in basket ball trajectories tomorrow. They’ll film themselves throwing the ball and then with the aid of an iPad app, graph the path of the ball on the x,y co-ordinate plane and study its characteristics.
shooting hoops
Tomorrow the Circle will take centre stage and our 3D Animator arrives tomorrow evening.
Music Performance at CMA
Students heading into dinner after football.
dinner time
A truly magnificent setting for a summer camp and will surely be a great source of inspiration to the students as they go about creating music, 3D animation and film.
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