Day 2 CMA Summer Camp Glenstal Abbey June 26th

<b>Day 2</b>
Another very busy day starting with maths workshops including creating holograms using trapezium and mobile phones, exploring time distance graphs, solving problems, and water rockets and all before lunch!
Chuck led the challenges including the Survival Challenge, exploring frequency ranges and sound sources punctuated with some volley ball based games on the Volley Ball court just outside the castle. Rain threatened all afternoon but help off until round 4pm. Students experienced the power of our eyes and Chuck proved that we have the ability to see in the dark! Its actually true. We humans can actually see in the dark using the age old technique pirates used, hence the images of students wearing pirate patches!&nbsp;
The evening continued indoors while the rain started to really lash down as it only does in Ireland. One day it’s a beautiful and sunny 25 degrees and the next its 15 degrees and lashing! No problem to our great band of students though. James led some brilliant games in the gym followed by some refreshments and delicious chocolate muffins.
It was off to bed early at 10.15 after a physically very demanding day. Another packed schedule awaits tomorrow with Music Technology on the agenda as we follow our Sound Source themed week.
Enjoy the images in the collages below and we’ll see you all tomorrow.