Day 2 CMA Summer Camp Killary July 2-8 2017

Day 2 Connemara Maths Academy
Summer Camp at Killary Adventure Centre
An action packed schedule starting at 8.45 with Chuck Challenges & exploring dynamos, using maps to calculate different distances, areas and volumes of the land and water around killary before they go out on it!
Looking at ratios examining different animals’ (from the area) brain sizes and body weight identifying relationships between animals brain size and body weight and deducing which animal in theory is the most intelligent!
A big congratulations to Victor & Mahika! They got into the water and loved it!
Ringo rides, gorge walk (which was a big hit with the crew) and Water Park filled their day fillers by more Chuck Challenges including how to light a fire in the rain with no lighter or matches! Yes folks, it is possible!
Games and socialising after supper and then it was time for a well earned sleep before we have music technology to look forward to and of course workshops with James and more action adventure!
Enjoy the images & see you tomorrow!
By the way our next Camp is in the beautiful Delphi Resort starting Sunday 9th in the stunning Connemara with its gorgeous waterfalls and rivers while still on the fjord!