Day 2 Glenstal Abbey Summer Camp July 10th-17th 2016

We all woke up to a very warm and sunny day with temperatures hitting 30 degrees this afternoon.
A morning exploring squares and demonstrating how squares are related to right angled triangles (Pythagoras’s Theorem) with Rope, Duck Tape and 25 students. Film scripts were written and a great lunch was had.
The warm afternoon air was filled with the schhwaff of two dozen arrows as two teams went to war on the lush green lake side fields. While another two put their brains, team work ability and coordination skills to the test solving puzzles and challenges. A very welcome refreshing swim followed in the lake and the business of film production was underway, all punctuated with a Chuck challenge! A great team sports session brought the day to a close.
Aviation awaits tomorrow, flying Boeing 737 Simulators, visiting the Aviation Museum and getting expert insight from qualified pilots and aviation engineers. Its going to be a wonderful day. Music Technology also begins tomorrow after dinner and all followed by a great indoor game of basket ball or volleyball.
Enjoy the images and video from today…see you tomorrow!

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