Day 2 Glenstal Abbey Summer Camp July 10th-17th 2016

A very happy birthday to the fantastic Fay! Check out The Fay Aleix Raft Haka & more below!
Boolean Logic in our maths workshops with Mark and Caoimhe was the focus today and its use in programming robots students had to design and build to do battle with other robots. Building Robots was not the only challenge presented to the students as each team was given the same materials to build a raft with and while design was something important to be considered commercially, but as with Robotics, the functionality is key when building a prototype of anything so The Great Raft Race Challenge was the only way to decide….as the video footage will attest. Plenty of sport and exercise featured as always with volley ball, basket ball, football and rowing machines!
The now infamous Chuck Challenges with Archimedes’ Principle taking the limelight lined up the Raft Challenge nicely and the day was rounded off with a great game of football in the gym. Enjoy the images and videos and see you tomorrow for Kayaking, Aviation & Music Technology! Is that really possible? Watch this space!

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