Day 2 at Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp 2016

There is something very special about Kylemore Abbey. It is a a truly unique experience and one that will never be forgotten.
Mother Máire’s commitment to educational innovation reaches beyond the vast and stunning Kylemore Abbey estate and into the lives of the many who are privileged to be here including our teachers and students at the Connemara Maths Academy.
Today was a wonderful day.
We started the day with a great breakfast in the dining hall prepared by Josie Ryan and colleague Trish, whose patience and care are greatly appreciated by us all. This set our students (and very brave teachers Caoimhe and Chuck) up well for the physically demanding and immensely enjoyable Killary Centre ‘Turf Challenge’. (Video to follow tomorrow. Watch this space!)
Archery was to follow which will serve tomorrow’s maths workshops well as we explore the magical properties of the circle among other related mathematical concepts, being prepared in unique ways by Mark and Caoimhe, while we’ll also be introducing students to Virtual Reality in the evening.
Sailing at the Clifden Boat Club followed some delicious lunch (again prepared by Josie and Trish) and a ‘slightly delayed’ return to the dining room for a hearty dinner, much to Josie’s delight. The delay returning was due to some of our sailors dealing with tacking back in to shore against a force 3 breeze!
Students then had a fantastic workshop with Calmac founder Niall McCormick which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We look forward tomorrow to more Robotics with Niall in the morning including using light and sound sensors. It seems a very competitive battle of the robots is in store!
We enjoyed editing and viewing the GoPro camera footage from the day, including many great appearances by Chuck! There was a great atmosphere this evening and we’ll all sleep well tonight.
A special thanks to Mary, Tom, Sarah and Simon for helping us make such a great start to our stay here at the Notre Dame centre at Kylemore Abbey.
Kylemore Abbey is a truly unique place.
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