Day 1 & 2 Summer Camp at Delphi July 16-22

Day 2 Connemara Maths Academy
Summer Camp July 16-22 at Delphi Resort

We woke up to another morning of glorious Connemara sunshine and another packed schedule of discovery, creativity & adventure with Chuck Challenges extracting carbon dioxide from three different sources (including Chuck’s car), exploring heat conduction and air pressure which involves the impossible feat of an egg effortlessly defying gravity and space while James and Paul explored probability using Archery and Paul ran a Tag Rugby session.

Adventure sports included Wipeout and Tunnels followed by more brilliant workshops and of course a hugely entertaining and highly competitive games in the sports hall run by Paul.
It’s hard to believe we’ve only been here since Sunday evening!
Again a huge thank you to all the Delphi Resort staff who are helpline to make our first summer here a wonderfully successful one. It just gets better and better!
Enjoy the images and see you tomorrow!

(We’ll be updating videos to YouTube & here on our website very soon. In the meantime all images and photos can be viewed on our Facebook page.)
Connemara Maths Academy
Day 1 Summer Camp July 16-22
What incredible weather we’re having and what a wonderful bunch of students we have this week!
We’re going to have a ball. This evening our new arrivals get stuck right in with Chuck Challenges, games with James and Paul not to mention coding with Graham earlier this afternoon for those early arrivals and students staying 2 and 3 weeks.
It’s all the more inspirational at the Delphi Resort.
Tomorrow is going to be a blast!
We’re sold out this week but have a few places for next week.
Stay tuned and enjoy the images from this eve…