Day 2 Summer Camp at Glenstal Abbey

A seriously packed day with a 10KM hike along a fairly precarious river trail thrown in for good measure started rationally enough with Boolean Logic workshops with Mark and Caoimhe in preparation for the much anticipated Robotics workshops with Niall McCormick and ColMac Robotics. So the morning consisted of getting to grips with Boolean Logic and Design. The evening was all about implementing the design while programming the robots to function in certain ways using coding and light sensors. Needless to say the initial designs were very different to the actual end product! A mighty lesson indeed!
Following a very hearty lunch it was off to our incredibly hard working and talented maths teachers to explore maths and aviation, including exploring bearings and flight paths in preparation for Aviation tomorrow morning and afternoon. Perhaps we should have looked at getting a Hike Path sorted out before we went to to follow Tom and his tractor to find our way to the waterfall for a swim! This proved a little more difficult than anticipated after we had taken a wrong turn over the bridge. Eventually after a 10KM hike along the precarious river rapids with great views from up high on the mountainside we ended back at the bridge and decided it was time to get back to Glenstal Abbey Ref for dinner so back across the muddy fields to the abbey restaurant for another gorgeous and filling meal. The food at Glenstal Abbey has been absolutely brilliant! Thank you to Patricia and all the team.
Chuck and Peter had another attempt at finding the waterfall and did so within 5 minutes! The waterfall was only minutes away from the bridge in the opposite direction we had taken! We’re going for a swim on Friday and this time we’re turning RIGHT at the bridge!
Robotics followed after a great supper with some mighty battles and wonderful designs. Jim had his GoPro camera on top of a few robots and we’ll edit some of that footage during the week. iPhones were also stuck on these Robots as some video footage will show…What really shone through was the dedication and commitment to the cause to have the robots do what they were programmed to do! have a look and enjoy! A big thank you to our incredible hardworking and inspiring House Masters Chuck and Mark and House Mistress (down the other side of the castle) Caoimhe! See you tomorrow when students start with Aviation! Can’t wait!

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