Day 3 Glenstal Abbey Summer Camp July 17th – 24th 2016

From Flying Boeing 737s to writing music tracks with a bit hurling and tennis to conclude proceedings today was a great day!
Aeronautical Engineer and Pilot Andrew from Atlantic Air Venture shared some excellent insights into with world of Aeronautical Engineering while Paul Kennedy took time from his very busy schedule in the industry of Plane Maintenance to open up the world of flight damage and how important the miracle of composite materials have been in the evolution of the plane. Fascinating stuff. After flight planning from Shannon Airport and then using the simulators to practice landing there, they went onto the Boeing 737 Simulator and tried the next best thing to being in the sky with Pilot Andrew mentoring. Great day.
After a massive evening meal with delicious dessert, it was time for Music Technology with Gav and Cian of CreateSounds.ie. Students will be completing their tracks tomorrow morning. They’ll also be building their own guitars tomorrow as they explore how we can quantify sound and compose music with graphs.
With The Great Raft Race Challenge starting tomorrow, teams will be announced at lunch time…..in the meantime enjoy the following images and videos from today. See you tomorrow!

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