Day 3 at Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp 2016

A bright enough start to the day, first up was using Boolean Logic and programming algorithms to control the robots students had built and ready to take part in the War of the Robots!
Some very competitive stuff going on…

After a hectic battle we retired to the dining room for lunch and then on to Mark’s brilliant Maths Workshops exploring the properties of the circle and experimental probability with students working out their chances of hitting specific targets with Archery.
Students really excelled themselves by creating Holograms with Trapeziums & iPhones….couldn’t believe it actually worked…..

Dinner was immediately followed by the Giant Swing Puzzle led by Chuck which was a highly entertaining exercise!
Further maths workshops on calculating pendulum and swings led by Caoimhe and Mark were followed by a well earned rest in the common room where we all enjoyed the GoPro footage with hot chocolate and buns (supplied by Josie and Trish) and listening to music.

The footage was edited by Julian and projected onto a screen. Students had an early night as they were truly exhausted!
Chuck wasn’t though…

We’ll actually get a chance to know what it feels like to be a pendulum when we get on the Giant Swing and High Ropes tomorrow morning…
Good night all!
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