Day 4 CMA Summer Camp Glenstal Abbey June 28th

Day 4
The weather has thankfully duped Met Eireann yet again! Maybe they might consider coming on one of our camps! 
Further exploration of Sine Waves, Graphing & Flight Planning were the order of the morning during the Maths workshops in anticipation of Aviation workshops tomorrow with Jane McGill and her team of professional pilots at Atlantic AirVenture. There was some brilliant music making going on in Caroline’s Music Technology workshops. We’re very much looking forward to hearing the finished tracks tomorrow. They’re online here below for parents and friends to enjoy.
After another sumptuous lunch courtesy of Teresa and chef Lee and the catering team it was off to the playing fields for a game of rounders and then a swim in the lake. 
Brother Anthony gave us a wonderful and fascinating tour of the castle and surrounding forests before dinner. Mathematics as a philosophy and as an appreciation of beauty and patterns in nature were touched upon which was the perfect follow up on our exploration yesterday of Fiboannci and the Golden Ratio, and indeed on how we represent vibrations in mathematics.
After dinner students completed their soundtracks and played some great games of Tag Rugby.
Some very competitive table tennis games followed supper and everyone was asleep in the castle towers by 11 while the rain lashed down harmlessly as the sun went down. 
Tomorrow we go to Atlantic AirVenture, learn how to fly using Boeing Flight Simulators and visit the Aviation Museum while Graham has just joined us as he readies himself to explore sine waves using coding and to look at what resonance is. What a day they have in store.
See you all tomorrow!
Soundtracks by Students are available to hear here: 

Enjoy the images from the day…