Day 4 CMA Summer Camp July 16-22

Day 4 CMA Summer Camp July 16-22
Cian kept everyone in track to finish their sound tracks in Music Technology workshops while James ran Challenges and puzzles including the Pythagoras Squares.
Tunnels and Team Tasks followed by Graham’s workshops on electricity and Sine Waves.
Surfing was a big hit! Kevin and his team gave everyone the basics in 5 minutes and then it was off into the Wild Connemara Surf!

They were surfing within minutes.
The sun came out for the afternoon and the onshore wind was high but the surfing conditions were perfect!
Group A gave a performance of an electro acoustic ‘found sound’ free improvisation composition with Cian conducting. Students recorded sounds around Delphi with their phones and then sampled them in Ableton. Using push controllers students were able to ‘play’ these samples like instruments.
The Ukulele & flute were brilliantly sampled by Lisa and Aoife which added great colour to the performance. Other students were playing different sound generators on iPads such as the Frequency Time Graph and using geometric lines at different angles to create different sounds.
Group B were treated to a full blown band experience! It was a blast.
Evening games followed supper and then off to bed!
See you all tomorrow and enjoy the images.