Day 4 CMA Summer Camp Killary July 2-8 2017

Day 4 Connemara Maths Academy Summer Camp July 2-8 2017
As the sun warmed up the morning air and the fjord looked glorious in from of the centre, the chatter emanating from our groups of students was who was going to actually do the Turf Challenge! Some were adamant they wouldn’t, there was no way they’d do it…
Exploring probability and experimental probability were the main topics covered in Maths workshops while also looking at Pi and figuring out the distance, speed & time scenarios regarding the Tunnels they sped through this morning. James used the GoPro footage to estimate the speed while measuring up the tunnels. Check out the footage below!
Archery and Sky Fall were also on the cards for some of our students while others will have to wait until tomorrow to do them.
Some fantastic music making going on in Music Technology workshops with Cian – can’t wait to hear all their soundtracks, which will be online right here later this evening for you to enjoy and in the meantime some of the images from today…
Look out for Lucas’ brilliant goal executed with skill, aplomb and silky smooth control and in slow motion (no less) in the images below during our post supper late evening sports session.
Our next Camp starts Sunday 9th in Delphi Resort (2 places left)