Day 4 Glenstal Abbey Summer Camp July 10th – 17th 2016

The day started with beautiful clear blue skies and a very warm sun shining over a stunning Glenstal Abbey and everyone got ready for maths workshops, rounders, Music Technology in the morning sessions followed by a hike to the waterfall after another fabulous lunch.
After everyone got back to the Abbey it was Chuck’s turn to go completely Chemical with a daring and bright display of colours after they explored the power of light and the human eye, which is going to be very important when they hold the camera in their hands to make a movie on Friday and the Virtual Reality project they have to complete tomorrow evening.
We explored how Virtual Reality worked, used a 360 Degree Camera to shoot a wild pagan dance and viewed the incredible virtual reality world through VR Goggles.
Students also composed music tracks which can be listened to here:
Arthur & Ned

Fay & Grace

Gavin & Liam

Iban & Albert


Jordi & Aleix

Josh & Victor


Kellie & Dasha




Sean & Shaun

Guy’s Project
Have a look at some of the images and video from today and have a look on Facebook to see the 360 Degree videos of the abbey and of the game of rounders this morning.
What a Day!

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