Day 4 Glenstal Abbey Summer Camp July 3rd-10th

What a glorious day of sunshine, music making, hiking, swimming in a waterfall and volley ball with some great maths workshops with Mark and Caoimhe on graphing , cuboids, triangular numbers, sequences and  and The Mystic Rose!
Chuck, our resident magician and part time oceanic outlaw, had the kids mesmerised again upstairs in the castle. Students wore a patch each over one of their eyes and were taken on a journey of the functionality of the eye and how this knowledge was used by the pirates of the Caribbean all the while making their way up the marble stairs to the darkest room in the castle! Pirates used their knowledge of the eye to ensure they could over run armies three times their number…..check out the video below!
Some students (not all this eve due to time pressures and batteries) explored how Virtual Reality works and experienced it for themselves with only their smart phone, two clear solid plastic hemispheres and some cardboard! Tomorrow we’ll actually create our own Virtual Reality and Holograms….
The evening drew to a close with a good game of indoor soccer and some gruelling fitness routines. Just what you need after chocolate rice crispy cakes and milk.
Good night all and see you tomorrow!
Brilliant footage and images below of another packed day…and why not check out the students’ compositions:
Carlos & Alexandre

Conor & Julen

Galaxy, Frey & Jon

Hugo & Miquel 1

Hugo & Miquel 1

Hugo & Miquel Remix

Jim & Lorenzo

Kara & Áine

Maya & Trudie

Peter & Ben


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