Day 5 CMA Summer Camp Glenstal Abbey June 29th

Day 5
Creativity, coding and Aviation culminating in a tense and highly competitive whole school sports competition was the essence of today.
Creating video games using coding and Scratch with Graham, writing and recording songs with Caroline using MIDI instruments and flying Boeing Flight Simulator and all things aviation with Atlantic AirVenture were the bulk of activities today.
Exploring how Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio can be applied to photography and movie making, getting to grips with narrative and plot and editing followed another wonderful dinner. Even Donald Trump got the Golden Ratio treatment! (See video below). There was an electric atmosphere this evening in the gym after flying high Aviation.
Music wafting from the weights room filled the huge gym only over powered by the cheers and a celebrations of points scored under the watchful eyes of referees Caoimhe and Paul.
A terrific day. 
Enjoy the images and see you all tomorrow…