Day 5 Glenstal Abbey Summer Camp July 3rd-10th

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This morning was all about film, lenses, virtual realities, 360 degree cameras (see above), graphs, sine waves, making waves swimming in lakes, ellipses and circles and Pythagoras among other things!
Sinead Herlihy was on hand to explore coding to compose music and other scratch related innovations!
Film maker Eamonn Dunne was with students this morning prepping for their movie production which begins shooting tomorrow. Students will also be shooting Arrows in Archery tomorrow afternoon but that’s another story!

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Chuck helped us all understand that not all technologies actually worked very well, even back with the Native Indians who actually invented a great Pump Drill while trying to invent a fire starter!
We all attempted to create a virtual reality world of the Solar System but as the Indians found out, it doesn’t always work as planned! We’ll try again tomorrow.
After supper it was off to the gym for a decent game of football! Another great day in store tomorrow with movie making, discovering Archery and the screening of two world premiers! Enjoy the images and videos below…


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