Day 5 at Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp 2016

After Ireland’s wonderful victory last night against Italy, what better way to celebrate than making some home made beats in Music Technology with Conan which was another thoroughly enjoyable workshop. Students explored frequencies and filters which they’ll look at again later with Mark and Caoimhe in the maths workshops.

Here are a sample of the sound tracks students created…

Sailing followed lunch, again prepared by our wonderful Josie Ryan and helped by Mary, Sarah and Simon. We have been made so welcome by all at Kylemore Abbey and our stay here has been such a fantastic one. is a week too short? Definitely.
After another physically demanding and exhilarating sailing outing at the Clifden Boat Club we all gathered again in the dining hall for some very spicy chicken goujons…delicious! The Loop the Loop ice cream out smiles on all our faces.
After some maths workshops exploring frequency graphs it was straight into some boat building with Chuck…..will it float? We’ll find out tomorrow! (View other days Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 HOME)

It took a little longer than we expected but our committed students stuck to the task and made it happen! Brilliant stuff…

Tomorrow we’ve Coding and Film production with Sinéad and Eamonn and afterwards we’ll find out whether out raft will float! Stay tuned…
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