Day 5 Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp

The mist was rolling over the Kylemore mountains as the sun started to shine on Kylemore Abbey.
Mist morning
The warm sun  suddenly appeared just as our film shoot began…. just in time for our leading actors Rianna and Philip to take centre stage.
D5 leading actors
Ray was directing the shoot.
D5 Ray guiding
Students then took part in the Probability and Statistics industry standard project using Netfreq.com technology. WE would like to thank Ben Cahill, CEO of Netfreqs.com for all his help in delivering this project.
Students then applied statistical analysis to draw conclusions in exactly the same way as Netfreq.com do. Following this some probability was tackled in Dónal’s workshop.
The sun continued to shine over the abbey as students got ready to head to Killary Adventure Centre.
D5 sun still shining
Killary Adventure Centre had some hair raising activities lined up including High Rope and Giant Swing…
D5 Killary ADventure
D5 High ropes
There are many great photos and GoPro video footage which parents will have the opportunity to view on Sunday at 1.30. (Please note change of time from 12.30 to 1.30for the Concert Sunday 29th).
D5 High ropes 2
D5 High ropes 3
After the drive back from Killary…
D5 drive from Killary to Kylemore
…it was dinner at the abbey and a special surprise for our birthday boy Conor…
D5 COnor's birthday
After dinner were creative technology rehearsals with Aengus for music and Ray for film editing…
D5 Final edit
The sun was again shinning and students took advantage of it for their Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp 2014 Group photo.
Mix Class Photo
And the light was so beautiful at this time of the evening Ray decided to take another one with the lake and mountains in the background…
D5 Class Photo with mountain backdrop
It really was a brilliant day and already students are beginning to miss their new friends in anticipation of the final full day tomorrow. To be honest, they have such a packed day with rendering, editing and rehearsing, not to mention going on an afternoon cruise with Killary Cruises on Ireland’s only fjord and a Cinema night tomorrow evening that Sunday’s concert will come before the know it.
There will always be next year.