Day 6 CMA Summer Camp Glenstal Abbey June 30th

Day 6
The last night of our camps are always tinged with some sadness saying goodbye to such wonderful students, having seen them accomplish so much in such a short period of time and indeed having seen them exceed their own expectations. It is also a source of great celebration having seen our incredible teachers James, Caoimhe, Paul, Caroline and Graham build such solid relationships with our students which allow the students to progress so well both academically and personally in a week. While we are a maths academy, we are so much more, but at the end of the day Mathematics is a philosophy of life, a way of looking at the world around us and how we understand our place in it physically and emotionally. Mathematics is the essence of pure communication, both written and spoken, and when approached through discovery, creativity and adventure we can become fluent in the language of mathematics and consequently can get closer to our place in the world, understanding who we are and why we’re here.
None of it would be possible of course without the Glenstal Abbey staff here who are such a superb team and made us feel so welcome: Oonagh Birmingham, Brother Padraig, Fr Fennelly, Brother Cuthbert, John Cannon, Paddy, Greg, James (farm) and Teresa and the catering staff. The cleaning staff Fiona, Deirdre, Shauna et al. I look forward to having midnght cups of tea with night wardens Ray and Ger in August when we’re back here, those two could write a book or two I’m sure!
This morning was sunny, warm with blue skies and the odd stubborn cloud drifting over the castle towers. Experimental probability through Archery and targets were among some of the topics covered followed by Kayaking on the lake and Tag Archery on the playing fields. Graham explored pendulums and resonance and continued our sound related themes with a super demonstration of sine waves in nature using salt, wood and loudspeakers.
The Movie Challenge (to shoot, edit and produce a short film in two hours with a mobile device) produced some hilarious and at times quite profound short films which we all enjoyed in the cinema after another fast and furious competitive game in the gym. My favourite was ‘The Seanie’ however judges Paul. James and Caoimhe decided otherwise and gave the top prize to James Cannon’s team for their at time surreal and very witty piece on pool.
A group photo was taken with a 360 Degree camera which can be viewed on Facebook.
Here are some images from today and we’ll be up early to watch the Lions beat New Zealand in the surprise victory of the decade!
Parents will be arriving tomorrow at 12.30 for a quick presentation and a cup of tea with the teachers.
Onwards to Connemara with some of the students who will be staying with us for another two weeks.
Enjoy the images…