Day 6 Glenstal Abbey Summer Camp July 10th-17th 2016

The last night of the July 10-17 Summer Camp is upon us and we would like to thank most sincerely all the Glenstal Abbey staff including Oonagh Birmingham, Fr fennelly, John Cannon, Brother Padraig, Brother Cuthbert, Patricia, Mary and everyone here for making our students feel so welcome. Everyone’s talking about just how fantastic the food is!
It was another fun filled day at the camp with film production & editing, mathematics of circles and targets, Archery, rounders and fast ball sports among other things!
The premiere of three students movies were shown in the cinema at the bleachers downstairs and a collage of images and videos from the week which brought a tear to many an eye! So much so that two of the students who were supposed to leave tomorrow have booked themselves in for another week!
We’re looking forward to our presentation tomorrow at 12.30 for parents of students who are leaving and we’re absolutely delighted to have so many staying students with us for another week! We have a significant number who are also staying for two more weeks and going on to out camp at Killary. What a brilliant camp that’s going to be overlooking the only Fjord in Ireland in the heart of Connemara!
In the meantime enjoy the images and videos of today and see you tomorrow night….


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