Day 6 at Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp 2016

We all woke up to the news that the UK had voted to leave the EU. There was a stunned silence in the common room as we caught up with the BBC news. Our students from Belgium, Italy, France, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, UK and Ireland were all in agreement that something insane had just happened but life goes on and we did.
After breakfast we had a great workshop session making music using coding, fruit, play dough, water, thin foil, circuits and human limbs not mention playing space invaders with play dough….seeing is believing!

Eamonn Dunne was in to explore how camera lenses work and then started getting the creative juices flowing with script writing and planning their movie, one of which is sure to feature the maiden voyage of the ‘Kylemore 1″!
A lovely lunch first though in the dining room and then it was off to launch the boat! Would it float? Would 75 x 5 Litre Bottles hold the weight of 16 students? The maths said yes…..

And indeed it did sail with all on board!
Mark and Caoimhe ran some great maths workshops exploring the mind bending realities of Mobius Strips and students created their own using paper and scissors. There was another reality just about to reveal itself in the next session.
Virtual Reality was explored and how it worked examined. We created a 360 degree photo with our 360 Degree Camera and we all then ‘entered’ the photo with the Google Cardboard Goggles. Students explored the immense possibilities of Virtual Reality and will be creating their own Virtual World mathematical structures tomorrow…. (click here for previous Daily Updates) HOME

Josie brought us all some delicious donuts, buns and cakes to have with our hot chocolate and tea before all the tired heads hit the pillows.
What a brilliant day! See you all tomorrow when students tackle writing, shooting and editing their own movie.
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