Day 6 Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp

Yet again the sun shone brightly over the students of Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp 2014.
D6 Morning shot 1
Rehearsals were the order of the day…
D6 Luke violin sorting
Decision making…
D6Decisions 2
and more editing…
D6 Miklos editor
A cruise on Ireland’s only Fjord was just the right tonic for these bright and creative teenagers
Under a sunset Kylemore Abbey…
D6 sunset
Students had a cinema evening with treats provided by the wonderful  Josie and the Kylemore Abbey staff.
D6 cinema
There were tears were being shed at the prospect of the camp ending…
D^ aisling hug
There was a unanimous feeling that a wonderful reunion was on the cards for next year….
But not before the concert tomorrow at 1.30!
We were reminded on our way to breakfast morning just what a beautiful place we were in.
D6 Morning 2
The fact that it was our last full day was not lost on the students, despite the full day ahead of them.
D6 Luke violin sortingGetting the ensemble parts ready was a priority.
D6 Miklos editor
Decisions had to be made and editing to be completed…all part of the mathematical process of anything worth doing…
D6Decisions 2
A very welcome break from the concert preparation was on the cards.
Students were even afforded the opportunity to ‘drive’ the cruise!