Day 7 at Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp

Group Shot
As the mist rolled in over the mountains surrounding beautiful Kylemore Abbey after another packed day, there was a sense of sadness that we would have to say goodbye to such a wonderful group of students.
The day began with the rain lifting as we headed off to the dining room for another one of Josie’s great breakfasts.
The morning Film sessions were led by the inspiring, extremely talented and calm tempered Eamonn Dunne and the kids produced two fantastic, hilarious and snappy movies which were screened this evening with guests of honour Josie and Trish in attendance.

Maths workshops were led by our brilliant teachers Mark and Caoimhe and Chuck explored patterns in nature with students on a Nature walk through the glorious grounds of Kylemore Abbey….

After a gorgeous Bacon and Ham dinner followed by Jelly and Ice Cream on his exhilarating Water Rockets, which were quite literally a blast..

And students quickly discovered what the second variable was (the first being the amount of water poured in the bottle)

And then  we had the presentation and premier of the movies.

After a brilliant presentation where students could see all their week’s work on the big screen it was time for supper and then retire to bed for the last time. Goodnight Kylemore Abbey, its been an absolute pleasure and a huge thank you to Mother Máire, without whom none of this would ever have been possible. Thank you and goodnight.

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