Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

On our website here with credit/debit cards. We also accept payment by Bank Transfer, please contact aengus@ConnemaraMathsAcademy.com directly for these methods. A non refundable deposit of €250 secures a place and the balance payment can be made up to April 23rd 2024

If you have any questions please email aengus@connemaramathsacademy.com

What age are the camps for?

Ages 7-17. These are age guidelines and some flexibility is possible. Please contact us with any questions at aengus@connemaramathsacademy.com

How do I get there?

Google Map Locations of CMA Summer Camp Campus is available on the website under the Summer Camp tab in the main menu. Please note that CMA Administrative Office is in an entirely different location.

CMA offers a comprehensive Airport Transfer Service for overseas students from Dublin and Shannon Airports to and from camp.

Does my child need a certain level of maths to attend your camps?

No. We accept all levels and abilities. Learning through Discovery, Creativity and Adventure is our core philosophy.

Our workshops are designed to be highly engaging with a focus on building and fun, while exploring key concepts using practical and hands-on interactive workshops.

Do you group children by age?


What does my child need to bring?

We supply all the equipment and gear required for all activities while students are asked to bring a spare towel, old shoes (for some adventure activities), sports shoes, swim wear, sun block, rain jacket, toiletries. Please see a full detailed checklist here: Check List

Do I need to pack bed linen or extra towels?

Students should bring two towels. Bed linen is provided.

What is a typical day at CMA?

Breakfast is at 9am, lunch at at 1pm, dinner at 6pm and supper at 9pm. There is an even split of STEAM Workshops, Adventure Activities and Team Sports throughout the day. Students can enjoy the games room during breaks with pool tables, table tennis and board games or play sports such as Basketball or Volleyball.

Does the weather have an impact on the camps?

Generally no. We have indoor gym facilities when required and we amend the schedule if necessary. There may be on rare occasions when some of the water based outdoor adventure sports have to be postponed due to strong winds or unfavourable conditions.

Will children be supervised at all times?

Yes, students are supervised at all times, including night time supervision.

How many children per dorm?

Dorms are arranged in 1-4 bed rooms, however the exact configuration of the dorms on any given week can vary and we cannot always facilitate requests for room sharing, while every effort is made to do so. Generally we do facilitate room sharing request, however there may be last minute changes due to rooms available and depending on ratios of boys to girls. 

Are boys and girls separated?

There are two separate dormitory sections for boys and girls.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be received 8 weeks prior to camp. The €250 deposit is non refundable. Please see out T&Cs

Do you provide transportation?

We offer a comprehensive airport transfer service for International students serving Dublin Airport, Cork Airport, Belfast Airport and Shannon Airport, depending on which centre your child is attending. Please check this on the summer camp pages. Please see https://connemaramathsacademy.com/airport-transfers/ for further details. Airport Transfers can be booked through our website. Students resident in Ireland who require transport from Dublin are asked to contact aengus@ConnemarMathsAcademy.com directly.


Transport between camps is provided free of charge for students staying multiple weeks at different locations.

Are your teachers fully Garda vetted?

All staff are fully Garda Vetted.


What time is pick up/collection?

Drop-off time is 7pm on Sunday & pick-up time is at 1pm on Saturday, except for the 5 night camp July 21-26, when collection is 5pm on Friday 26th.

Please note that there is a presentation for family and friends 30 minutes before departure on the final day of each camp.

Will my child be able to call home or accept calls?

There is WiFI available and students will have access to their devices for one hour in the afternoon before dinner. Students with no phone can make arrangements to have parents call a staff number at a pre arranged time.

My child has a food allergy. Can this be accommodated?

Yes and parents can inform us of any dietary issues when booking online.

What if my child gets homesick?

Our teachers have been working with CMA for several years and are expert in helping students to settle in as quickly as possible to make friends straight away. Our staff review student profiles (information supplied by parents) and arrange to have students of similar interests in the same groups and our ice breakers are very inclusive and designed to help friendships build.

We keep a very close eye on each student, and if there is a child who is homesick, we will make every effort to help them settle in. We assign buddies where necessary to help things along. Generally any homesickness disappears by dinner time on Monday. Its a packed schedule and students tend to settle in very quickly.

Can my child bring their own mobile phone?

Yes. We collect all devices on arrival and return them for one hour every morning before Breakfast. This rule is strictly adhered to with no exceptions.

What if my child gets sick or injured?

Parents will be notified immediately by phone, email and whatsapp. They will be accompanied by two members of staff to professional medical attention. EU citizens are asked to bring their EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) which are accepted across the island of Ireland.. These cards are free to EU Citizens. Non EU citizens are reminded to bring copies of their insurance with them. A copy should be sent to CMA two weeks prior to arrival. 

Does my child need to bring pocket money?

CMA merchandise including hoodies (€50), caps (€15) and t shirts (€15) are available to purchase. There is no tuck shop. We advice parents who are giving their children any treats and snacks, to put them in a bag and label them clearly with their names. All food is collected on arrival and stored in the staff room. There are allocated times during the day when students can come and take what they’d like from their goodie bags.

My child will be taking medicine at camp. What do I do?

We ask parents to provide this information when booking online. A doctor’s note should be sent to CMA outlining any particular condition, medication and dosage where necessary to aengus@connemaramathsacademy.com.

It’s important for non EU citizens to remember that any medication brought into the country must be legal in the EU.

I want to request that my child and his/her friend are in the same dorm. Is this possible?

Yes, requests can be made directly to aengus@connemaramathsacademy.com. Every effort is made to facilitate these requests, however on occasion, requests may not be possible.

How much does it cost?

€965 Per Student per Week for the 6 night camps, and €759 for the 5 night camp.

Airport Transfers: please see Airport Transfer page.

For larger groups, please contact aengus@ConnemaraMathsAcademy.com

Can I pay a deposit now and the balance at a later date?

Yes, A deposit of €250 per student per week secures a place and the balance is due 8 weeks prior to camp season starting, namely April 23rd 2024. 

How do I pay?

Online through our website using credit/debit cards. We can also accept direct bank transfers.

Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured.

May I stay for more than one week?

Yes, we have many students staying multiple weeks. Those students enjoy Saturday night, accommodation, meals and weekend activities included in the weekly cost, so there is a built in discount for those staying two weeks or more. Transport between camps is provided.

I’d like to book a group. Is this possible?

Yes, please contact aengus@connemaramathsacademy.com for group rates.