Final Day – Day 7 Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp

It was the stillest of mornings before sun rise on this Sunday the 29th June, captured beautifully by Ray our Film & Photography teacher, for us all to enjoy.
Kylemore Abbey Lake final day am smaller
portrait kylemore lake Ray
The concert, very much a vital component of the learning process, was the highlight everyone was looking forward to on another absolutely gorgeous day at the abbey. It was such an incredible week. This photo was taken from the road as I was driving towards the Abbey from Killary.
Kylemore Abbey from road - stunning
The weather had been amazing and perfect for yesterday’s (Saturday 28th) cruise with Killary Cruises. Students even had an opportunity to drive the boat!
Barb Cruise
Emma and Max
Still time for a visit to the Gothic Church…
Liam, emma and solanna
Unfortunately there was no room in the concert to show everything including the 3D animations and one string guitars among others.
3D animation workshop
We were delighted to have Mother Máire and the community present with of course Jossie and Diana and their team. The concert was due to start at 1.30 in the Kylemore Abbey Ballroom.
ballroom welcome
The concert started with an audio visual electroacoustic improvisation performance with students utilising a 2D coordinate ‘frequency v time’ plane to create soundscapes of patterns on iPads. The performance is an improvised performance based on reaction to patterns and live sampling with two projected images from 2 of the 4 iPads being played. Getting away from the western music scale and embracing all the frequencies with infinite possibilities!
Students performing elctrconica
electronica perf
There were a few gasps from parents and friends when they saw just how adventurous the activities were as they watched the movie captured on GoPro cameras…
Watching GoPro
Following a screen presentation of Kylemore Abbey – The Love Story…
D6 Morning shot 1
Students gave a performance of Galway Girl…
Galway Girl
Students in a tearful embrace as they make their way to a tea and biscuits reception in the Library, very kindly organised by Josie and her team.
This week was truly a special experience for everyone involved and there was a great sense of anticipation of when the next would be…
All the week’s adventures and learning activities can be viewed in the  The Connemara Maths Academy Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp iBook including learning resources of all concepts covered, images and videos. Parents will be notified when the iBook is published and ready to be downloaded.
Connemara Maths Academy would like to thank Mother Máire, Kylemore Abbey and Mary Young, Killary Adventure Centre  for all their support. We would also like to thank Ben at Netfreqs,com and Eamonn at TheMathsTutor.ie for all their insight, help and for offering their services to enhance student learning.
Connemara Maths Academy will be announcing future dates shortly. Early booking for next year’s Summer Camps is advisable. Please keep an eye on twitter, facebook or here for details, which will be announced shortly.