Final Day Glenstal Abbey Summer Camp July 3rd-10th

Its hard to believe that our last night on our summer camp for this week has finally arrived! What a week.
Today was about learning how the magic of film lies in the lens and computer in your head. Imagination, discipline, editing, logging, planning and organising are key and students did themselves proud with two wonderful short films, full of humour, dark wit and creative flair with great dose of not taking themselves too seriously. Valuable lessons indeed!
Hitting your targets is the aim of the game with Archery and we had a few terrific bull’s eyes. Mark and Caoimhe went through the chances of hitting various circles on the target and how some special ratios are always the same regardless of the size of the target and lots besides. It wouldn’t of course have been a complete day without some of Chuck’s Challenges…see below.
Below is a collection of video and images from today as everyone says their good nights. It has been a great week and we’d like to thank very specially Fr Fennelly, John Cannon, Oonagh Bermingham, Brothers Padraig and Cuthbert, Patricia and everyone at Glenstal Abbey who have made us feel so welcome and have looked after us so well.
We look forward to our new students arriving tomorrow from all over the world and indeed from Ireland while some are staying with us for another week. Our camps continue right through to August 12th!
Tomorrow morning parents will be arriving to collect their children, see the new movies and have a cup of tea with the staff and students at 12.30 before the new arrivals make their way through the doors of Glenstal Abbey tomorrow afternoon.


First Student Movie: “Pool Safety”

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