Day 1 Glenstal Abbey Summer Camp July 10th-17th 2016

Students from all over the world have been coming to our summer cams this year including from the US, Russia, Poland, Estonia, France, Belgium, Ukraine, Italy and UK and this week we have students coming from the UK, Spain, Russia, France and the UAE and of course from all across Ireland who arrived last night just in time for the Euro Final featuring France and Portugal. Our new French friends took the defeat well and readied themselves for our Summer Camp to begin!
From swimming in the rain to launching water rockets, water seemed to be around a lot today!
The rain started pelting down this afternoon just after a group of students left the castle to go for a swim, and fair play to them they carried on and went for a swim! They had a great time swimming in the rain, as did the second group! For those few who just weren’t ready for the ultimate Irish summer lake swimming experience they played basket ball and volley ball in the gym.
This morning was all about balance and team building with Chuck followed by exploring rockets and what variables are at play in determining how they flew and later then with Mark and Caoimhe’s maths workshops, students discovered how to graph the flight path and what we can deduce from the graph. iPads were used to video record the flight path of the rockets and then superimposed on a graphing app.
Later its was Chuck’s Survival Plan where students had to rate various items in terms of their use in surviving in a desert after a plane crash. Statistics and comparisons were made with the world’s leading survival expert’s opinion and it was time to put these items to the test! Steel wool and a battery? Flint and a knife? have a look and see how they got on….
Tomorrow will see Boolean Logic, Coding, Robotics and a great hike to the waterfall among many others….watch this space!


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