Go Pro at Connemara Maths Academy!

Make your own GoPro Video this summer!

at the CMA Kylemore Abbey Summer Camp June 22nd – 29th…



 Surf 3D Right Side Up                         3D Surf Wave Mathematically Modelled

Choose one of your adventure sports outings, shoot it on one of our GoPro cameras and edit in our Visual Technology workshop and we will project your film during a screen presentation to your family and friends on the final Sunday.

GoPro Helmet
Your video will have a newly written sound track, produced during one of our Music Technology workshops and will feature in your CMA Kylemore Abbey Summer 2014 iBook given to you at the end of the programme.   go rpo with ipad
The mathematics related to the art and the creation of digital photography will be explored and used in the production of your GoPro film.
All students work in small groups of three and four with each assigned a major duty such as visual production/editing, sound recording/editing and sound track production among others.
The final product will be shown on a large screen with a student produced original sound track as part of the exhibition and concert at the end of the week, a celebration open to family and friends. These films will be available in the CMA Kylemore Abbey Summer School iBook souvenir, which students will take home with them.

Surf 3D3D Surf Wave Mathematically Modelled

Trigonometric characteristics of the surf demonstrated through 3D mathematical modelling. 

Maybe even do something like this…….

Check out this GoPro Video… http://youtu.be/Bq8gBGx0XTc