Killary July 24-31 2016

Day 6
Perfect conditions for Gorge Walking and Ringo Rides this morning followed by Archery, Orienteering and Water Park on Ireland’s only fjord.
We’ll be sad to see many of our students return to their homes in Russia, Italy, Germany, France, US and Ireland and we wish them all the very best on their way home.
We’ve more students arriving tomorrow and our Spanish twins are staying another week!
See you all tomorrow…


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Day 4 & 5
Kayaking, Rope Bridges, Sky Falls, Water Parks, Coding, Orienteering & Chuck Challenges to name but a few of the activities and workshops over the last two days! The dorms are quiet tonight! What a couple of days!
Check out the images and videos below including a few video clips which give an insight into how we approach maths concepts…



Day 3

A day packed with hair raising adventure activities including crossing the Rope Bridge and free falling down from a height!

Film Maker Eamonn Dunne was on hand to help students discover how to capture action shots and close ups of other students rope climbing walls or free falling from immense heights!

Enjoy the images and video…


Day 2
This morning was all about discovering the many related maths concepts and graphs with music and then exploring these concepts in Music technology with Gav 0f CreateSounds.ie composing tracks and synthesising samples. Adventure activities included the Turf Challenge for the younger ones while the older ones tested their fear of heights and their trust in one another as the scaled great distances vertically and then jumped!
The Music Tracks & Sound Experiments are available to listen to here:

Photos & Video below…

Day 1
Students arrived yesterday evening from Italy, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, the US and Ireland for our Summer Camp at Killary. Maths workshops on The Giant Swing, building a model of it & working out ways of estimating the actual height of the Giant Swing, it’s speed at various points and the circle it creates.
After exploring the pendulum it was time up get on it!
Laser Combat also featured with some great ‘impossible’ challenges later on eve after dinner….have a look and see you later!

Images from 24th & 25th..