Bicycle Engineering is a rapid growth are within the Green agenda and CMA are delighted to announce this new offering (for the older cohort of students to start with) at CMA Summer Camps. Students will enjoy fascinating hands on bicycle wheel building, exploring key mathematical and scientific concepts when contemplating rim dimensions, diameters, spoke tensions and optimum spoke lengths among…

Students enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the woods for Archery. A firm favourite.  

Students get to explore different instruments like electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and just about anything that can make music, form a band and perform together. Loads of fun and very loud!    

CMA has a wide range of team sports including basketball, volleyball, handball, dodge ball, football, tennis, hockey, rounders, hurling, tag rugby, swimming and water polo. At CMA Rockwell Campus, we have world class sporting facilities including indoor gym, indoor swimming pool, Water Park & Assault Course on Rockwell Lake, Astro turf and grass playing fields, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts.…

Exploring the key concepts of motion, speed, distance and time through interactive and highly engaging workshops whether, for example, calculating speed of flying objects such as drones and planes, or the speed of an arrow in archery or your own speed while running or indeed surfing using GoPro cameras. Students also use iPads to record and analyse flight paths of…

Kayaking takes place on campus on Rockwell Lake and all levels from beginners upwards are catered for. All equipment is provided. 

Students enjoy a wide range of team challenges from blindfolded assault courses to coordinated plank races and dice games, team work is the key. On arrival day, students are immediately involved in these team challenges and ice breakers and by the time they’re going to supper they’ve made great friends and have settled in.  

The ever-popular Karaoke night. Students can enjoy a wonderful evening of Karaoke with great spot prizes and loads of fun.

Writing, recording and producing podcasts of various themes and topics, while also exploring which microphones, cables, software packages and mixing desks etc are best suited for different situations.   

Creating and producing stop motion animations using models, plasticine, drawings, graphics and other methods. Stop Motion movies are shown at the ever popular Movie Awards night with great prizes on offer.