Using Green Screen Technology, students create news broadcasts of their activities. Students can embed footage they’ve taken from surfing for example, when producing their news broadcasts.  Video from Summer Camp 2019 Green Screen Workshops

Students create musical tracks using sequencers such as Garage Band and Logic Pro, and can sample sounds and record live instruments to add to the tracks. Tracks can also be used as soundtracks for their movies and Green Screen Productions.   

Teams are asked to come up with new inventions or business ideas which they then pitch to the judging panel. Great prizes on offer such as CMA Hoodies and Caps.

Students wear GoPro video cameras to record their adventure sports activities, and which can also be used to calculate speeds.

Using tiny handheld programmable computers that can create musical instruments and robots among others. These workshops are complimented with Coding & Robotics workshops.   

Students explore designing and assembling propulsive devices for flight including planes, helicopters, drones and rockets.     

Students explore shapes and properties of light while using iPhones to create holograms.  

Exploring what sound is, how it’s produced and discovering sound waves, frequencies, vibrations and visual patterns created by Chladni plates and drums and different instruments.    

Exploring various patterns and ratios evident in nature, art, film, and music such as Fibonacci, The Golden Ratio and wave machines. Game Theory is also explore. These concepts are applied to other creative workshops such as sound production, music technology, 3D printing and film production.   

Exploring, designing and building water rockets using compressed air. Looking at Newton’s Third Law and ratios.