Exploring how drones work and flying model drones through various courses using hand sensors. Calculating speeds and distances using drones.

Using programming languages such as scratch in conjunction with Raspberry Pi Technology to remotely control robots through various mazes and other challenges.   

Exploring and manipulating programming languages such as drag and drop software like Scratch or other languages like Python to get computers to behave and create content such as animations or music. Scratch can also be used to analyse the flight paths of the water rockets built in the Flight workshops. 

Exploring how wind energy works and then assembling model Wind Turbines and demonstrating what energy can be produced by the wind. Measurements are taken to see the power in the wind on any particular day. 

Designing and creating 3D models and representations in x,y,z planes which are then scaled appropriately to be printed on a 3D Printer. How a 3D Printer works is explored and students take their 3D Printed models with them.    

Creating 3D representations by manipulating polygons, edges and x,y,z, vertices.  

Orienteering is a sport that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and unfamiliar terrain whilst moving at speed, equipped with a topographical map (a specially prepared orienteering map), which they use to find control points.

Students in wetsuits and life jackets move along the inter tidal zone of the rocky Wild Atlantic Way coastline on foot and by swimming, without the aid of boats, surf boards or other craft. Tremendous amounts of fun! For 14 year olds +  

An assault course on campus on Rockwell Lake including rafting, rope bridges, zip line and other challenging obstacles for students to manoeuvre.

Surfing is for beginners and upwards and takes place on the beautiful coastline of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way on the south coast. For Summer 2021, there will be two surfing sessions over week. Equipment including wetsuits are provided. We do remind students to bring an old pair of trainers or wet shoes. All images and video on our website have…