CMA is delighted to announce a brand new module to its wide range of STEAM activities, namely AI. These workshops will introduce the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and will explain how AI works. They will inspire and empower students to use AI in creative ways. Workshops will be designed according to the age and levels of students. The workshops…

Bicycle Engineering is a rapid growth are within the Green agenda and CMA are delighted to announce this new offering (for the older cohort of students to start with) at CMA Summer Camps. Students will enjoy fascinating hands on bicycle wheel building, exploring key mathematical and scientific concepts when contemplating rim dimensions, diameters, spoke tensions and optimum spoke lengths among…

Students get to explore different instruments like electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and just about anything that can make music, form a band and perform together. Loads of fun and very loud!    

Exploring the key concepts of motion, speed, distance and time through interactive and highly engaging workshops whether, for example, calculating speed of flying objects such as drones and planes, or the speed of an arrow in archery or your own speed while running or indeed surfing using GoPro cameras. Students also use iPads to record and analyse flight paths of…

The ever-popular Karaoke night. Students can enjoy a wonderful evening of Karaoke with great spot prizes and loads of fun.

Writing, recording and producing podcasts of various themes and topics, while also exploring which microphones, cables, software packages and mixing desks etc are best suited for different situations.   

Creating and producing stop motion animations using models, plasticine, drawings, graphics and other methods. Stop Motion movies are shown at the ever popular Movie Awards night with great prizes on offer.   

Teams story board, produce and shoot short movies, which are screened at the Movie Awards night. Students apply concepts explored from workshops such as applying Fibonacci patterns and the Golden Ratio to the visual compositions used in the productions of the movies. Great prizes on offer such as CMA Hoodies and Caps.

Using Green Screen Technology, students create news broadcasts of their activities. Students can embed footage they’ve taken from surfing for example, when producing their news broadcasts.  Video from Summer Camp 2019 Green Screen Workshops

Students create musical tracks using sequencers such as Garage Band and Logic Pro, and can sample sounds and record live instruments to add to the tracks. Tracks can also be used as soundtracks for their movies and Green Screen Productions.