Terms & Conditions

Covid 19.

In the event that a summer camp 2021 week or weeks is/are cancelled due to Covid 19, all deposits and balance payments received after August 2020 and specifically for Summer 2021 may be refunded. Please note that this guarantee does not include payments made for Summer 2020. Those payments are subject to the T&Cs that were in place before the pandemic. All payments generally may be held over as credit notes for future camps. All necessary Covid 19 precautions as outlined by the Irish government will be taken during our camps. All parents and guardians of students will be expected to have taken all necessary precautions regarding Covid 19, according to any new government regulations, prior to arrival at camp. Should a student develop Covid 19 symptoms before camp, test positive or is in the high risk category, they should not attend, and they can attend at a later date when it can be proven they are not infectious or at risk of spreading the disease. Should a student develop Covid 19 symptoms during the camp, they will be immediately isolated  until arrangements are made to have them collected. The camp will follow the latest government guidelines under such circumstances. Should an easy to use, rapid test be available, we will expect parents to produce a negative result prior to arriving at camp or to produce a negative PCR test if no rapid one is available. International students will have to follow all the Irish government protocols regarding travelling to Ireland. Temperature checks will be taken three times a day as a matter of precaution. All appropriate covid protocols will be strictly followed at all times.

Ideally if a Covid 19 rapid test is generally available to the public, we would expect parents to have tested their children before arrival in any event, and to send results to us, to ensure we absolutely minimise the chances of Covid 19 infection. Otherwise a negative PCR test is required.


There is no service charge on credit & debit card payments or any payment methods at all. Applications will only be accepted upon receipt of a non refundable deposit and administrative booking fee of €175 per person, except when a camp is cancelled because of Covid 19.

Payment of deposit is regarded as acceptance of the conditions of enrollment.

Confirmation of bookings will be issued in writing by email.

The right is reserved to refuse admission or to dismiss at any time during the camp, any student whose presence by way of conduct or deportment is deemed by the camp manager or camp coordinator to be detrimental to the best interests of the camp or its other participants. In such instances, no refunds will be made and any additional costs involved, including transportation, will be at the parents’/guardians’ expense. There is a zero tolerance of any bullying if any kind towards students or staff alike.

No refunds will be given for cancellations received less than 4 weeks before the start of the summer period, namely June 27th 2021 for this current year.

Connemara Maths Academy shall not be held responsible for any illness including Covid 19 or any other disease, accident, travel delays or loss of property unless occasioned by the willful act of negligence on the part of the camp or its employees.

Students who have particular health requirements must notify the camp of same in writing on application. Parents/guardians shall be liable for any medical expenses incurred.

Accommodation is on site at Rockwell College.

Photographs & videos may be taken over the duration of the camps and will be used only for promotional purposes. No photograph will be sold and no participant will be identified either in print or in any other format unless by permission.

There is a non smoking policy at all times throughout the course and any breach of this policy will result in immediate expulsion. Any student found with illegal substances or using illegal substances will result in immediate expulsion. In such instances, no refunds will be made and any additional costs involved, including transportation, will be at the parents’/guardians’ expense.

Please note we do not as a policy refund late cancellations. Deposits are strictly non refundable booking administration and processing fees.

Camps cancelled due to an Act of God or Force Majeure event, the normal terms and conditions may not be possible for CMA to fulfil and camps affected may not be eligible for refunds although every effort will be made to resume our normal operations and T&Cs.

Camps may be cancelled and/or postponed, in which case credit notes will be made available to all our affected customers to be used at the next available camp and will be eligible until the end of the summer 2021.

All credit notes will be transferable. Early Bird deals include a non refundable administrative fee of €175. No other compensation in these circumstances will apply.

Outdoor activities can be weather dependent.

Only validated Vouchers with unique codes may be used and only 1 Voucher per student. Vouchers cannot be used in addition to early booking and sibling discounts. For group booking discounts please ensure you have a valid unique code to use when bookings online.

Connemara Maths Academy does not store or keep any credit card or debit card details information at any time on its site or anywhere else.