Customised Residential Programmes for Transition Year Students

Connemara Maths Academy are running customised residential courses (see below for Mobile Workshops) for Transition Year students. These courses are customised to the specific requirements of a particular school. During the Transition Years residential programmes,  students can explore fantastic STEAM workshops in connection with brilliant Adventure Activities and Team Sports.

Schools can book their TY students in for a weekend, week or more at anytime during the academic year.

Short Residential Programmes On Wild Atlantic Way

Examples of Courses
Residential 3 days (2 Nights) in our Centre Connemara
Arriving 2pm Day 1, Departing 5pm Day 3.
Activities: Adventure Sports, STEAM Workshops & Team Sports
Accommodation: Teachers stay free of charge.
Fully Staffed, 24 Hour Supervision;
Residential 2 days (1 Night) in our Centre in Connemara
Arriving 2pm Day 1, Departing 5pm Day 2
Activities: Adventure Sports, STEAM Workshops & Team Sports
Accommodation: Teachers stay free of charge.
Fully Staffed, 24 Hour Supervision;
Mobile Workshops at Schools
10am – 3pm
Workshops in groups of 12 with 4 teachers.
Workshops: Music Tech, Robotics, Sound, Virtual Reality
Interested schools should please contact the office on 095 31925 or contact us through twitter or facebook or by email to info@connemaramathsacademy.com.

TY – A Golden Opportunity 

Connemara Maths Academy believe Transition Year  to be Golden Opportunity. According to the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, the first year of the three year senior cycle, namely the optional Transition Year for those 75% of schools nationally who avail of it, is designed primarily to bridge the Junior and Leaving Certificate Programmes in an examination free environment facilitating the personal growth and maturity of its participants while affording them the opportunity to develop an appreciation of the value of learning in preparing them for life beyond the school walls, whether in further and higher education or in the workplace and in relationships generally.

Minister Burke introduced TY in 1974 while articulating that ‘school is losing contact with life outside and the student has little opportunity to ‘stand and stare’, to discover the kind of person he [sic] is, the kind of society he is living in’ and has evolved along these admirable lines since.

The aims of Transition Year include education for maturity, through experience of adult and working life while acquiring general technical and academic skills with a view to gaining a well-rounded, interdisciplinary, self-directed, socially aware and competent learning experience.

Transition Year is an incredible opportunity to build and promote fluency in mathematical concepts, fundamental to critical thinking and appreciation, and to bring our creative and talented children in a direction they would possibly and probably never have thought was one they would enjoy, or indeed gain from, while of course stimulating the interest of students who have traditionally taken to these subjects. This opportunity exists within the greater aspiration of growth and personal responsibility, and it is possible that one would nourish the other and become interchangeable and possibly even interdependent.

During our customised Mathematics Centered Transition Year Programmes, students have the opportunity to explore and experience different career options such as Video Production & Editing, Green Screen Production, Podcast Production,  Sound Production, 3D Animation, Stop Motion and Media Technology as well as having the time of their lives enjoying incredible adventure and team sports.