Science, Tech, Engineering, Art & Maths


STEAM Workshops (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Maths)
CMA Workshops include a wide range of STEAM workshops and Creative Technologies including 3D Modelling, 3D Printing, Wind Energy, Coding, Robotics, Drones, Rockets, Patterns & Ratios, Sound Production, Holograms, Flight, Micro Bits, GoPro Video, Dragon’s Den (inventions & entrepreneurship), Music Tech, Green Screen Production, Film Production, Stop Motion Animation, Podcasting, Song Writing and Band Performance.

New: CMA is proud to announce a new partnership (Summer 2023) with the Bike Engineering Academy, introducing a new module to the STEAM workshops, where students (15 years +) will explore key concepts through the construction and design of bicycles. 

Generally there is a even split between STEAM Workshops, Adventure Activities and Team Sports.

At CMA we create unique learning environments where students can feel comfortable, confident and inspired to explore key concepts through hands on, interactive and highly visual workshops while having a brilliant time packed with fun filled activities and amazing outcomes led by our wonderful team of educators, teachers and activity leaders.

For example, students will be looking at geometric transformations in x,y,z planes during their 3D Modelling and 3D Printing workshops. Students can use GoPro cameras while surfing and work out their speed later in workshops using the footage they’ve captured; they can also use the GoPro surfing footage as part of their Green Screen Production workshop, where students produce their own news TV broadcast using green screen technology and whatever footage they’d like to include, such as surfing. Music composed and recorded in Music Tech workshops can be used in their Film Production workshop, or indeed used as the intro music for their news broadcast.

Students can look forward to exploring key concepts in our various workshops such as exploring key trigonometric concepts in music technology workshops; looking at patterns/series through art; or geometry though coding and robotics. The sky is the limit.